Sunday, October 23, 2011

Price Lake Loop 10/15/2011

We wanted to enjoy the Fall color along the Blue Ridge Parkway while including a relaxed walk so we headed for Price Lake.  Starting the 2.3 mile loop from the overlook parking we headed counterclockwise.  The trail stays close to the parkway passing a small fishing platform, a section of the campground, the amphitheater, and the boat rental area with additional parking.

At this point the trail moves deeper into the woods with several bridges crossing the creeks feeding the lake.  The water was clear but we didn't see any minnows at this time of year.  There was much evidence of beaver activity both old and recent.  The lake is in clear view along most of the trail.  The trail on this side was mostly level with only a little mud.

This trail was busy today with family groups enjoying the views, picnicing, and fishing.  We have hiked here at other times of year and seen far fewer people.  It was still a peaceful walk with  many ins and outs of coves so that the trail did not feel crowded.  On the back side we came to one area that was quite wet from the rains this week.  This area is not normally this wet.

The last portion of the trail stayed really close to the lake with good views.  There were a couple of spots where we had to watch our footing as the trail crosses rocks sloping down to the river.  This is an easy trail but not obstacle free.  It is a fun trail for children.  The trail leaves the woods right beside the parking and across from the dam. 

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  1. Hi Grace, Found your blog when I did a Google search on Rough Fork Trail which I hope to do this weekend. Your hikes cover some of our favorite territory so I will enjoy following along. The only thing better than being out on a trail yourself is reading about someone else's adventures!! Sharon