Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bass Lake and Trout Lake Loop 9/24/11

We had planned a day of hiking on the Tanawha trail but after the clouds rolled in we decided on lunch in Blowing Rock and walks around two lakes.  The first lake is the one that you see from the Moses Cone Manor.  There is parking for the lake off of 221 between Blowing Rock and the parkway.  The trails connect from here to the manor but today we just walked the lake loop.

This  trail is wide and mostly level.  There were lots of water lilies around the edges.  Ducks were scattered around in the lily pads and near the island in the lake.   A number of people were fishing from the banks.  The loop is a total of .8 miles and appears to be popular for walking dogs and exercise walking.  For most of the walk you have a clear view of the lake.

From here we followed 221 to where it met the parkway.  Instead of entering the parkway we crossed it and turned right.  Just past this point was an access road for the Trout Lake parking area.  The 1 mile loop around this lake has a different feel from Bass Lake.  Although still mostly level this trail is more natural and there  were trees blocking the open views of the lake for much of the walk.

Turning left from the parking the trail follows the stream that supplies the lake for a time until reaching a foot bridge allowing us to cross and return to the lake.  At the far end of the hike the trail follows the entrance road for the parking lot for a time.  We had a good time strolling around the lake looking for touch-me-nots that were ready to pop.  

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