About This Blog

My husband, Mitch and I enjoy hiking whenever possible.  Sometimes we hike near our home in Shelby, NC at places such as The Broad River Greenway, South Mountain State Park, and Crowder Mountain State Park.  Frequently we hike in the "big mountains" a little farther from home - the Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah National Forest, and the Smokies.  Much of our hiking is in North Carolina but I will  blog about our hikes out of state as well.

Most of the hikes can be found on other sites by searching the web.  What we have found on the other sites is usually good information such as trail head directions, length of trail, etc.  Many times I wish there were more pictures and details about the character of the trails.  The purpose of this blog is to give the trail some personality without a lot of facts that can be found elsewhere.

We are not power hikers or overnight hikers but we do have some knowledge and experience and make sure we know where we are going.  There are dangers in hiking in the wilderness areas and you should be prepared.  I mention whether I would take my grandchildren on these hikes as a help to determine the difficulty and possible danger.  If you have hiked these trails I invite you to add comments.  If you are considering taking a hike I welcome your questions. Please let me know what you think.