Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chimneys Picnic Area 4/09/2012

We had heard that the little nature trail at the Chimneys Picnic Area had a spectacular wildflower display in the Spring so we stopped by on our way from Clingmans Dome to Gatlinburg.  The picnic area is not at the parking for the Chimney Rocks trail but closer to the Sugarland side of the park.  This is a nice picnic area with water and flush toilets. 

The stream along side provides a chance to play in the water.  Even without the nature trail this is a great place to stop but what a bonus the trail is.  This walk begins at a few steps on your right soon after entering the picnic area.   We began seeing flowers before we even got out of the van.  There were flowers everywhere along this trail.

There is a short section of trail before the intersection that forms the loop.  You can go either way at this point.  This narrow trail is not easy but that's alright because we weren't in a hurry to finish it.  There were many varieties of flowers to enjoy and a pretty little run appearing in several places.  This is a trail to just wander along slowly and enjoy.  I will let the flowers speak for themselves.

A Resting spot near the top of the trail.

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