Friday, January 27, 2012

Boulder Area Crowder Mountain State Park 1/21/2012

Rain was in the forecast so we decided on a short hike on the Ridge Line Trail starting at the Boulders Trail Head.  My previous blog entry in March 2011 provides information on this trail head including location.  As in the earlier hike we followed the .23 mile spur trail to the main Ridge Line Trail.  This time we turned right and followed the wooded trail .58 miles to a crossing of the road we drove in on.

This is a well maintained trail that can be followed north for another five miles to the Kings Pinnacle Trail.  In less then a half mile we reached a sign for the Boulders Overlook.  There is a short section of trail to the left but no improved overlook.  There are boulders that can be climbed on and open views at a number of location both to the left and the right along the ridge.

We spent some time following the little "trails" around the rocky areas.  This would be a nice spot for a picnic on a warmer, drier day.  Many of the rocks look interesting to climb on but they also look like an area that snakes would enjoy.   As we followed the ridge from boulder to boulder we could see the main trail below us.  It was neccesary to backtrack to rejoin the Ridge Line Trail.

We followed the main trail until it began to switchback off of the hill and did not see another access to the boulders area.  At this point we retraced out route back to the trail head.  This trail follows the ridge of a very old mountain range going up and down hills rather then mountains until it reaches Kings Pinnacle.  It is not level but is not steep either.

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