Monday, June 20, 2011

Tom's Creek Falls 6/19/2011

It was Father's Day and we promised the Grandchildren a visit to a waterfall so we ignored the bad weather and headed for Tom's Creek.  The trail head is on Huskins Branch Road off of 221 north of Marion, NC.  The road starts out paved, turns to gravel, and back to paved.  Shortly after returning to pavement there is parking for a few cars and a signboard that is currently blank on the right side..

The trail is only about a half mile long, easy to follow, and mostly level.  There is a small creek on the left and a hill with interesting rocks on the right.  The Grandson walking ahead of the group spotted a deer crossing the trail.  There was one tree down across the trail that we stepped over easily.  There were rhododendrons scattered along the trail.

There are several primitive campsites along the trail.  At about half way there is a wooden bridge to cross on the left.  After this point the creek is right beside the trail.  It had been raining so we spotted lots of mushrooms.  Just before the waterfall there are two very short steep hills.  Once at the falls there is a big old log to sit on and view the water.

Of course we didn't sit on the wet log today.  Instead we climbed down the bank area to the creek and took off our shoes.  This is a great area for playing in the shallow water.  We spotted two crayfish and a small salamander.   If you cross the creek and go a few feet downstream there is an old mine hiding in the trees.  Approach carefully as the water at the entrance appears to be deep.

On the trail side of the creek there are the remains of the foundation of an old building on the hill side.  If you climb up the short but steep hill behind them you will find an old road.  Turning left and following it will lead to a smaller upper falls.  It was slippery from the rain, we had small children with us, and it started to rain again so we headed back.  I will return soon to get pictures of the upper area.

I would highly recommend this walk for those that want a quiet walk or a place for water play without a lot of effort.  It usually isn't crowded and has lots to hold the interest of children.  We have seen a snake in the rocks along the trail and there is poison ivy beside the trail so do be aware that you are in a wild place and watch where you step or what you touch.

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